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What our clients say...

Warm and inclusive

"Dr Ashleigh has a very warm and inclusive delivery style and a very pragmatic approach.

"She was engaging and presented the material really well; she was thoughtful in the manner in which she gave everyone the opportunity to contribute.

Ashleigh offers clear and helpful explanations."

Insightful and inquisitive

“I have worked with Hilary for a number of years and she has been an excellent coach in both the personal and team context.  


"Hilary has an exceptional and insightful talent for understanding people.  This, coupled with her naturally inquisitive desire to get the most from people, allows her to achieve exceptional results.”

Extensive knowledge and expertise

“Indigo’s approach delivers huge benefits both to a business and individuals.  


Hilary’s calm and professional approach to all things L&D and OD – clearly backed up with extensive knowledge and expertise – makes you feel confident and assured at both strategic and tactical levels.  


"Added to which, her engaging and warm personality makes her a joy to work with.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Supporting change

"Business leadership is a position hard earned and is both an inspiring and isolating place.
Leading through business change brings equal amounts of opportunity, challenge, exhaustion, and anxiety. 
Leadership and change therefore create the perfect storm to impact you as a person and therefore your performance in the leadership role you fought so hard to obtain.  The question is how to navigate this storm back to a safe harbour ?
Ashleigh provided an amazing level of support.  Initially by validating that the complex emotions triggered by the business leadership and level of change were perfectly normal; then providing a much needed safe environment to help navigate the triggers for the challenges I was facing.  This was achieved by going right back to what makes me tick, what motivates me and what challenges me.
The business change process that I was navigating meant not one session with Ashleigh would ever be the same but her skills and expertise allowed her to navigate each session such that I left feeling truly reinspired and like a new person.
The Indigo Talent team also provided a Virtual Mind Training tool to support the coaching received.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ashleigh, she is an amazing warm caring professional focused on the betterment of you as a person which is priceless. 
Therefore if you need to navigate your own storm back to a safe harbour connect with the team at Indigo Talent Development - it will be one of the best decisions you ever take."

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