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Specialist Psychometrics

Psychometric profiling provides an objective measurement on competencies, strategic skills, behavioural traits and characteristics and gives individuals and teams insight and perspective as well as a base for development goals and broadening their self-awareness.


Indigo offers clients a selection of leading psychometric profiling tools:


  • Emotional Intelligence
    Objectively define, measure, develop and improve EQ in your organisation through RocheMartin Emotional Capital Psychometric Reports – unique, science-led analysis with practical coaching strategies to build EQ and transform leadership skills. 

        Read more about EQ 

  • Strengths 
    Measure individual and team strengths, define core qualities or characteristics that energise and fuel exceptional performance with the Strengthscope Report


  • Cognitive Diversity 
    Cutting-edge testing using AEM Cube to identify how your teams interact and how to get the greatest contribution from each individual.

  • Psychological Safety
    Qi (Quality of interaction) Index is a relational approach to enhancing an organisation’s ability to adapt to threats and opportunities.  It is based on research that shows that organisations characterised by people who think differently and contribute fully are best placed to adapt. 

  • Personality
    Fully-rounded, individual assessment using the 16pf questionnaire to reveal potential, confirm suitability and identify development needs.

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