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Book Hilary as an organisational behaviour speaker

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Organisational behaviourist and Indigo founder Hilary McLellan

What are the vital skills for today's leaders?  How can you develop emotional intelligence and resilience? Why do teams perform better when they feel 'safe'?


Organisational behaviourist and coach Hilary McLellan, founder of Indigo Talent Development, specialises in organisational psychology and behavioural change.


Her expertise is in:

Increasingly, Hilary is in demand as a speaker as these ideas begin to ripple out and gain traction in the business environment.


As well as explaining the science behind her work, she uses personal story-telling and develops interactive discussions – all bound in authenticity – to spotlight individual leadership specialisms, the impact of positive leadership... and the competitive advantage.

Recent talks, events and podcasts...

The Sales Dojo podcast - LISTEN HERE 🎧
Emotional intelligence can change through self-reflection and by understanding how we interact with people, manage emotions and accept our worst fears.


Cultivating Compassionate Leadership // Humans at Work with Michael Glazer - LISTEN HERE 🎧

Cultivating compassion into our leadership style can help us cope with stress and strong emotions so we can make high-quality decisions for ourselves, our relationships and our businesses.

Mindful Leadership and The Global Sales Leader // Sales Training Coach - LISTEN HERE 🎧 or WATCH HERE 📺

How our emotional intelligence connects us.


Calm and Train the Mind with a Boost of Nature // The Association for Coaching Podcast Channel - LISTEN HERE 🎧 

Darren Robson interviews Dr Ashleigh McLellan and Hilary McLellan to discuss how to train people's minds for mindfulness and wellbeing.

A Fireside Chat on Compassion// EMCC Global - WATCH HERE 📺

Dr Paras interviews Dr Ashleigh McLellan and Hilary McLellan on training the mind for compassionate focus when coaching for behavioural change.

Building a Business from Concept to Creation // MOE Digital Academy - WATCH HERE 📺

It is never too late to draw upon your own entrepreneurial spirit and do what you love, while bringing huge benefits to others in the process. 

woman giving presentation
woman speaking on stage

Hilary speaking at a collaboration-themed workshop in County Kildare, Ireland

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