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Compassion Focused Coaching Interactive webinars with AC

Indigo's Dr Ashleigh McLellan is hosting a series of interactive webinars on Compassion Focused Coaching in collaboration with the Association for Coaching (AC) aimed at coaches and leaders.

Self-criticism, perfectionism and fatigue or burnout are common problems for many people, especially those in high-pressure work environments and at senior levels. Many struggle to implement the behavioural changes needed to improve their lives, both at work and at home. 

Compassion Focused Coaching provides the framework and understanding of their brain and their emotional systems to develop awareness about what can increase emotional intelligence and psychological safety.

The 90-minute sessions, taking place between September and November, include the upcoming webinars:

  • 15 September - Our tricky brain and its problematic loops

  • 29 September - The three systems of emotion regulation and how to apply them

  • 6 October - Fears, blocks and resistances to compassion 

  • 13 October - Self-criticism, its function and how it blocks us; and compassionate self-correction as an alternative

  • 20 October -Thought balancing, letter writing, and behavioural goals

  • 3 November - Identifying our multiples

  • 10 November - Enhancing our compassionate inner coach

"I’m looking forward to guiding participants through the competencies making up compassion and having engaging insightful conversations about how we can use this as coaches for our clients as well as our own self development," says Ashleigh.

Coaches who register to take part will receive a certificate of 12 CPD hours at the end of the programme.

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