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Our Philosophy

At Indigo, we believe that compassion is a vital strength that needs to be nurtured in all that we do.


Our interest stems from a presentation at the 2016 Compassionate Mind Conference by global mindfulness trainers Potential Project.  It chimed with our personal intuition and was underlined by the group's extensive research with leaders around the world.  


Their two-year study for their book  The Mind of the Leader,  highlighted compassion, mindfulness and selflessness as the three core mental qualities leaders need if they truly want to tap in to their employees and create people-centred organisations. Read more about our compassionate leadership coaching work.


Managing with compassion takes time and practice to develop and grow. Listening, engaging, being mindful and learning from people around you is key.  However, as we warn our clients, you also need courage to make the transition because you have to push yourself to know and understand what triggers your personal responses of anxiety, shame and vulnerability. 


Compassionate leadership coaching in Britain’s workplaces is just part of our approach. Indigo is also sowing seeds with people and projects overseas where conservation and compassion come together.  


We are challenging ourselves and others to think bigger and deeper about the world about us, rather than focusing on our individual bubbles or for personal gain. We want to do whatever we can to rebalance the colliding worlds of humans and nature. 


Read more about our thoughts and our exciting new projects on our blog

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We care about compassionate conservation and helping humans and nature to work together to rebalance.

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