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Our Collective

An exclusive and exciting spectrum of different specialisms is on offer to Indigo’s clients.


In 2018, we created a collective of partners each bringing a wealth of unique talents and experience.  Our bespoke consultancy uses what works, not just new and shiny approaches, or quick, off the shelf – often fashionable –fixes at a high price. Because we’re not bound to any tool or model, our collective mind is open and we can be authentic in ourselves. 

For our clients, the collaboration offers enriched ideas and quality, thought-through solutions with integrity.


Learn more about the Collective here, or click the profile links below to find out more about us all.



    Organisational Change Specialist

    Emma helps leaders and their teams make positive and lasting change to maximise performance, improve workplace cultures and help people thrive at work. She has over 16 years experience in managing and leading organisational change and uses her knowledge and experience to coach and guide teams and develop organisational capability.  View LinkedIn Profile...



      Programme Designer and Professional Coach

      Alix has over 15 years experience of helping individuals teams and organisations manage change effectively.  She helps clients develop leadership qualities and build inner resilience and outer confidence. View LinkedIn Profile...



        Deputy Dean: International, Aston University

        An expert in change consultancy, leadership coaching and workshops using communication and wellbeing tools to navigate change and deliver people-focused approaches. View LinkedIn Profile...



          Culture and Behavioural Change Specialist 

          Diana works on transformation programmes, putting people at the heart of change. She uses her knowledge, experience and qualifications in learning and development, psychology, coaching and behavioural science to build high performing teams and new organisational habits.
          View LinkedIn Profile...


          JOHN ENGLISH

            Leadership transformation and experiential learning advocate

            John is a Chartered Engineer with over 20 years experience in leadership, people and organisational development. He works predominantly through vertical and experiential development, often using the outdoors to increase awareness and motivate sustainable personal growth.
            View LinkedIn Profile...



              Sales Trainer & Coach

              Susie has more than 15 years in selling and sales leadership roles. She is passionate about helping sales people reach their sales potential by empowering them to think for themselves and giving them the tools they need to be successful. 
              View LinkedIn Profile...

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