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L&D Consulting

Does your business culture enhance or block effective learning? Assess, evaluate and develop your organisation’s performance, competence and potential frameworks.  Learning and development consultant Indigo also covers development needs and personal development plans. 


Culture Change

Organisation-wide culture assessments that provide strong evidence to support clear strategies for how to approach change and how to identify and harness the best of what you have.


Behavioural Change

Indigo works with individuals, teams and businesses to explore how they can develop business performance.  As a qualified Organisational Behaviourist, Indigo’s Hilary McLellan takes the scientific evidence of behaviour change theories, simplifies the detail and works with clients to explore how they can excel at work.  A word of warning here – we are only human – and behavioural change takes time and support to be successful! 


QA Reviews & Critical Incident Interviews

Are your Leadership Development programmes working well and meeting success criteria? Could they be improved? Indigo successfully uses Critical Incident Interviews to analyse specific (vital) roles in organisations as well as to understand what makes a ‘star performer’.

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