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Emotional Intelligence/EQ coaching

How do emotions shape your thoughts – and influence your leadership skills? Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is key to gaining control of behaviour and managing yourself and other people more effectively.


David Goleman, American psychologist, journalist and author, popularised the concept of EQ.  And he believes that while IQ and TQ are musts for success, it’s emotional intelligence – factors such as self-awareness, self-discipline, social awareness and empathy – that distinguish exceptional leaders in the workplace.

If you want to objectively define, measure, develop and improve EQ in your organisation, Indigo's EQ coaching expertise can show you how  – and then guide your top teams to improved performance and more effective management.


Indigo specialises in RocheMartin Emotional Capital Psychometric Reports – unique science-led analysis with practical coaching strategies to build EQ and transform leadership skills.

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