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Areas of Expertise

Indigo Talent Development is an organisational development consultancy with a range of expertise including:

emotional intelligence graphic of connected heads and speech bubbles

Emotional Intelligence:

THE key to business success

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  is being aware of how emotions (in yourself and others) drive behaviours – and developing the skills to manage these emotions intelligently to leverage your personal strengths.

Whether solving problems or effectively influencing the performance of others, nowhere are these skills more important than to the role of leadership.

For generations, an individual’s IQ was considered the key indicator of performance potential. Today, evidence shows that emotionally intelligent men and women finish first by almost every standard used to measure business success.


Hilary coaches individuals and teams to develop EQ potential; to increase performance, enhance behaviour and improve employee engagement. 

Resilience: daisy growing through red concrete

Resilience and confidence building


Resilience is having the optimism and ‘bounce-back-ability’ to endure challenges and setbacks. 


We often develop a pseudo-confidence in how we behave and project ourselves at work; we look like swans on the surface but the legs are paddling hard underneath! Generally this can’t be sustained long term.

True confidence – and thereby resilience – is far more enduring when it comes from a true state of liking yourself and the degree to which you evaluate yourself as competent.

old barometer with needle pointing to change

Organisational Development

& Behavioural Change


Today’s business leaders have to continuously develop flexibility and cooperative approaches to stay competitive. Volatile markets, uncertain forecasting and complex and ambiguous problems that can be interpreted in different ways are among the challenges facing many senior teams.


Behaviour at work is directly linked to the environment around us and, ultimately, affects performance, potential and effectiveness.


Hilary facilitates and coaches top teams who are working in a constant environment of business change.  She supports them in defining the behavioural strengths that will allow them to continually improve in their environment, and plan the personal development to support their strategy.  


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Personal Effectiveness and how to boost it

This is the ability to think clearly and logically, structure thoughts and present ideas cohesively and effectively – increasing confidence while working with internal and external customers.

We all set out to achieve our goals with the best intentions, but often the impact we have on our boss, peers, direct reports or customers can be some way off that intention.   
Hilary works with clients to develop their own brand, communicate in a straightforward way and create the emotional connection that creates trust in working relationships.

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