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About Indigo Talent Development


Indigo Talent Development specialises in leadership and executive coaching.


It was established in 2015 by founder Hilary McLellan and is now led by Dr Ashleigh McLellan.


In 2018, we created a Co-operative of Partners to expand our offer to clients by introducing different specialisms such as psychology, communications and engagement.

Our expertise is Organisational Psychology and Behavioural Change and we create made-to-measure coaching and personal development programmes for CEOs, exec boards,

high-performing teams and senior managers.

Our bespoke programmes  normally run over 12 months and are underpinned by psychological research.

Working in partnership with you, we will:

  • identify your needs 

  • understand the goals and challenges facing you, your individuals, teams and organisation

  • guide you in defining the behavioural strengths to continually improve and planning the development to support your strategy. 

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Dr Ashleigh McLellan

Our goal is simple: empowering you to become your best self. Compassionate. Authentic. Mindful.

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